Friday, December 9, 2011

Cristmas Card Photo of Chloe and Bella

Well I spend all morning trying to get a picture of our girls for Christmas cards this year and boy was it a job. I don't see how photographers who photograph animals do it. They twisted and turned, took their hairbows out, growling at each other because one would sit on the other and would not sit down. But I'm happy with the one I got.
                                                                      Bella & Chloe

Notice there is not a single shot of Chloe that is because by the time we finally got the Christmas card photo, she was done and jumped down and ran behind the couch, we played the-her on one end and me on the other end of the couch, trying to run her out but she wouldn't have it. It's just like toddlers going through the terrible twos with these two.

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